Thursday, April 06, 2006

New website

Mommy's been really busy lately, with two of us rugrats to chase after! She hasn't had much time to help Catie and me update here, so she has a new website with just pictures on it. There's a folder for each month (at least, of this year!), where you can see more cuteness than should really be allowed in any one family! Thanks for checking it out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Livin' the Good Life!

Well, I'm adjusting more and more to life here! This family is a little crazy, but I like them all okay! I'm going to update a little about me this week, and then Noah can update about him next week.

Well, you saw last week that I like to smile now. That's pretty much it for me.... I'm highly entertaining, but mostly just because of the places they put me and the things they dress me in. I don't really do many tricks on my own yet.

I'll be 8 weeks old tomorrow. I've just gotten over my first serious illness. Noah and I both had RSV and bronciolitis (so did Mom and Dad.... The cat was the only one who wasn't sick!). I was on breathing treatments and Noah had to get antibiotics for his very first ear infection. I hope I go that long without an ear infection, too! When we went to the doctor's, I was a little under 7 weeks, and weighed 10 lbs, on the nose. Soon, we'll go back for my 2 month check-up -- I can't wait to see what a big girl I am, then!

Well, I know you're really here for the pictures! In this one, I'm enjoying a nap with Kitty. He likes to cuddle up with me and keep me warm:
Here I am, enjoying a nice look around from the bumbo seat. I like to sit here to watch Daddy and Noah play with legos or watch Mommy cook dinner.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Catie smiles at me, now! She smiles at other people too, like Mommy and Daddy, but I'm obviously her favoritest person! Every time I play with her, she gives me a big huge grin! I have lots of teeth now, but I used to have a gummy smile just like she does! Here's a picture of my first smile:

And here's a picture of Catie's first smile:

I think we look a lot alike, except that she has girl hair!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Noah loves me lots!

Well, I've been living here more than a month already! Not too much to complain about -- food when I want it, diapers when I need them, regular warm baths, and cuddling.... Oh, the cuddling, whether I want it or not.....

Noah loves to cuddle up with me every chance he gets. He helps Mommy all the time with me. Everytime I cry, he brings Mommy my boppy pillow, my blanket, and my pacifier (I secretly think he's just trying to shut me up, but I will be heard!!!). At least Mommy finally got him to start signing "Baby" when he was talking about me, instead of signing "Dog" -- that was getting a little old....

Here's a couple of pictures of Noah giving me loves. He loves to pet me, and rubs my hair every chance he gets:

This is him going in for a kiss -- I don't mind. He's actually very sweet to me!

And this is my favorite -- a nice big hug, just to let me know he loves me!
Thank you, Noah! I love you, too!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bop-bop Boppy!

Yesterday, Catie was sleeping on her boppy pillow, and looked really comfy and cozy. Mommy took a picture of her, and said that Catie liked to sleep just like I did!

Well, my memory isn't what it once was, so I asked her if she had any old pictures of me sleeping on the boppy.... what d'ya know! So here I am as a newborn, sleeping on my boppy, too! Like brother, like sister, I guess!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well, good thing this place has comfy beds -- so far, I don't do much but sleep! A couple of my favorite nap places are Mommy and Daddy's bed, curled up in my boppy pillow, the swing, and my very own special bassinet. Noah said it's just a laundry basket, but it feels like home to me, when there's a fluffy blanket in the bottom, and a boppy in there with me! And Mommy takes me with her whereever she goes!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ju-Ju and Pop-Pop's visit!

My Ju-Ju and Pop-Pop came to visit me. Mommy said they were coming to help out with Catie, but they barely did anything with her. Instead she hung out with Mommy almost the whole time, so that I could play with Ju-Ju and Pop-Pop!

This is Ju-Ju --We had a lot of fun together (even when Catie was around....)

Here's Pop-Pop. He always teases Daddy because most of our pictures together are us asleep or falling asleep on the lovesac. Now he sees that it just sucks us in -- we can't help it!

Here's Pop-Pop holding Catie:

This was the last day they were here. I was just so sad that Ju-Ju and Pop-Pop were leaving that I couldn't even smile at the camera....